Among these teachings was the independent investigation of reality so that the world of humanity may be saved from the darkness of imitation and attain to the truth; may tear off and cast away this ragged and outgrown garment of a thousand years ago and may put on the robe woven in the utmost purity and holiness in the loom of reality. As reality is one and cannot admit of multiplicity, therefore different opinions must ultimately become fused into one.

One of Bahá’u’lláh’s teachings is the independent investigation of truth. There are several avenues available to investigate the Bahá’í Faith and learn more:

  • The website of the worldwide Bahá’í community : A rich repository of information is contained on the website that is administered by the Bahá’í World Center in Haifa, Israel. It is easy to browse or seek answers to areas of particular interest.
  • A conversation: Individuals all over Alaska are willing to answer questions through a phone call or, when public health measures allow, in a visit to peoples’ homes or another meeting spot. From time to time, or upon request, gatherings—sometimes called “firesides”—are hosted in order to explore a particular topic. Firesides are typically held in homes or public spaces like libraries, however during the COVID-19 pandemic, people have successfully held them by Zoom or in other on-line “spaces”.
  • Study circles: Small groups of people, with a tutor to facilitate, participate in an investigation of ideas using materials designed by the Ruhi Institute. Topics include but are not limited to communion with God, prayer, life after death, the lives of the Manifestations of God, spiritual education of children, and spiritual empowerment of youth. These groups of casual but serious study typically meet once a week over the course of a few months depending on the materials being studied. A feature of study circles is the support and encouragement for participants to provide acts of service.

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